Ho Tam

2023 New Project

Hong Kong Dreamers Wanted   (誠徵香港夢想家 - 中文請往下面)


I am a filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, I am working on a new film — to document the dreams of individuals who have experienced or touched by the Pro-Democratic movements and events in Hong Kong in recent years.


If you have dreams related to this subject matter, please record them in a written or audio format in your preferred languages and email them to me. At your request, I am also happy to chat with you over the phone or online.


Dreams are personal, often surreal and absurd, and sometimes mysterious. They can represent joy, fear, hope, anger, confusion, and more. As Hong Kong is going through all the difficult and drastic changes, there must have been dreams (and nightmares) within many of us who experienced the events. These dreams will be able to tell many stories about Hong Kong and the realities of Hongkongers.


In the next 3 to 6 months, I am hoping to build a “dream collection”. Your contribution will be tremendously helpful and inspiring. Sometimes a small voice can speak the loudest. The resulting film is hoped to represent the collective yet diverse experience of Hongkongers under the political turmoil in recent years.


The privacy and security of the participants are a priority to me. All contributors will remain anonymous and will not be shared or shown in the film. I plan to employ actors and animation to stand in for the contributors. However, personal background details, such as age, family status, and occupation, can be helpful and informative for the audience. You are welcome to share as much as you want to. If anyone is interested in helping in the production, please let me know.


Please send your dreams to dreamcollect99@gmail.com

Feel free to share this call with your friends worldwide.



For your information, I have been making videos and films since the mid-1990s and many works have been presented in Canada and internationally. The documentary film ‘Books of James’ (2006), about an AIDS activist, won awards from the Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival and OutFest Los Angeles. It was also shown in Hong Kong at the IFC Theatre and the Broadway Cinematheque in 2008. In the last ten years, I was mostly focused on book publishing and therefore did not make any new films. This new and important project will mean a lot to me and my Hong Kong roots.


Ho Tam

February 1, 2023




我是一名加拿大溫哥華的電影和視頻製作人。 目前我正在計劃一部新電影~~記錄一些年來參加過或經歷過香港民主運動的人們所發過的夢。


如果您有發過與這個主題相關的夢,請用你的語言以文字或聲音形式記錄下來,然後用電子郵件傳遞給我。 如有需要,我也很樂意通過電話或在線與您聯繫。


發夢是很私密的事,往往是超現實和荒謬的,有時甚至很神秘。 夢可以代表快樂、恐懼、希望、憤怒、困惑等等。 隨著香港社會種種艱難和劇烈的變化,我們許多經歷過這些事件的人一定有發過很多夢(噩夢)。這些夢能夠講出很多關於香港的現況和香港人的故事。


在接下來的三到六個月內,我希望可以收集一個”集體檔案”。 所有能够記錄下來的夢對新電影的創作都有幫助。 我希望這部電影能夠呈現出多元化的聲音。 有時微小的聲音可以說得更響亮。希望由此產生的電影能夠代表香港人在近年政治動盪中集體而多樣的經歷,去感動和影響觀眾。


參與者的隱私和安全是非常重要的。 所有參與者都將保持匿名,並且不會出現在影片中。 我計劃以演員和動畫來代替受訪者。 然而,個人背景細節,如年齡、家庭狀況和職業等等,對電影都有意義,幫助觀眾理解發夢者背後的現實環境。 歡迎您盡可能地分享。 如果有興趣参加製作,也請聯繫我。我很樂意回答你的問題。


請發郵件至 dreamcollect99@gmail.com





香港出生。自1990 年代,我一直從事電影和藝術創作,作品曾在加拿大和國際上展出。 2006 年憑描述一名為艾滋病人發聲的社運者的紀錄片 “詹姆斯書” 獲得了以色列特拉維夫同志電影節和美國洛杉磯 OutFest 的獎項,此片也曾於香港IFC影院和百老滙電影中心放映。近十年來專注書籍出版,電影作品產量減少,這次新電影計劃對香港出生的我意義重大。



2023年 2月 1日